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Community Outreach

Conquering Concussions

Conquering Concussions

In conjunction with Conquering Concussions LLC, The CACTIS Foundation has established a program to educate young athletes about the risks of concussion, proper techniques to reduce them and their long term effects.




Concussions: A better baseline for diagnosis and treatment


Charlie Shearer, OD Tests the Capabilities of a Young Soccer Player


Cactis Foundation partners with Banner Concussion Center to Prevent Soccer Injuries

Dr. Charlie Shearer, an optometry consultant with CACTIS, tests the near/far accommodation capabilities of a young soccer player. Several of Dr. Shearer’s inventions and techniques are in daily use at the Banner Concussion Center.



Dr. Hirsch Handmaker on Good Morning Arizona



HLN’s Dr. Drew and CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta Explore the danger of concussions among teens.


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